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2018 Championship to return to Possum Kingdom!!

Smith RV and Marine Tournament

The 4th Annual Tournament is August 1st 2015

Lake Amistad and TPWD fizzing video

Shawn Denny sent all of us a great video on fizzing Largemouth Bass from TPWD at Lake Amistad. The link follows and I know I will go back to side fizzing as it definitely seems the better method. You can access the video by clicking here.

Fan Favorites

I received a thank you email from Laura during our 2012 Championship and thought I would share it with all of you. The website has proven to be a great means of communications for anglers like Buddy and Mary Sanford who missed their first championship after 26 years of attendance and Jeff and Sheri Jorde but also friends of anglers and friends of friends of anglers. The thank you goes as this...

"Several friends compete in your organization. Wish I was one.

With all the violence on the border we begin to look for other alternatives.
I look forward to getting information from angelers on Grand Lake.

I'm emailing to thank you for the update. I know it takes time from retieing
lures and gathering info from fellow competitors that can be critical to
your next fishing day.

Your organization continues to change as any living thing does.
Congratulation to the officers and members who overcome the political nature
of a club and the present economy.

Just a simple thanks and to let you know I am one of your fans of the
Suncountry Bass Association."

I know Ranger boats is instrumental in keeping this circuit together but at least we know all of us have built a little more into it over the years.


Ranger Cup, Click here


Welcome to the Sun Country Bass Web Site


Possum Kingdom - May

Pre-fish at Possum Kingdom was rain and cloud cover with 15mph winds and the fish would hit about anything moving (chatterbait, blade, swimbait etc.), but Saturday and Sunday ended up with blue bird skies and warm weather which brought the fish that hadn't spawned up to finish and what a feast that was tat least 10 fish over 7 pounds were weighed in over the weekend and I know Clem Elam was telling the 7 pounders on Sunday that there was already a 9.3 as that was the response I got with my 8.95. Barry Smith used to fish us a lot at Amistad and when he quit coming down I wondered why but after this past weekend and the fish that were caught and the ones that were cruising I understand why. Barry and Jt Hodges came back from 5th or 6th place to win with 41.69 pounds total edging out Kris Bosley and Andrea N Justin Morris with 40.51 in second Justin Kirkes and Brandon Kirkes took third with 40.0 pounds, 4th place was Brent Judd and Regie Judd with 39.98 pounds (.6 in penalty might have hurt a little) while David Wolfe and Rod Haselhoff rounded out the Top 5 with 39.97 pounds. Life is tough when 39 plus pounds won't get you a check bit Steve Schneider and Leon Pulliam put themselves in a hole for the third tournament in a row and the 26 pound sack on Sunday fell just short. Big Bass on Sunday went to Mike Kelley and Landon Carter with a 9.30 and Saturday Big Bass was Regie and Brent Judd. Thanks the Possum Hollow for a great facility to base out of and Clem Elam and Rachel Hood Elam and Wayne Elam for their work. You all should follow Tiffany Estep as she keeps us flooded with quality photos as she posts for her page and Tabetha Leinberger for posting results for me on the way back. See you at Ute next month.

Lake Amistad - March/ Ute Lake April

I apologize for somehow not posting results to here last month as I wrote up the same info as Facebook but must have forgotten to save it on the website. Amistad was a 2 day and a 1 day tournament over the weekend with the Sunday One day counting for AoY and better money and Steve Schneider and Leon Pulliam took advantage by catching a 9 pounder and taking first place honors.  Second place was Rod Hasselhof and David Wolfe while Kevin Smith and Josh Tidenberg continued their quality finishes with 3rd place.  Darin Ford and Steve Johnson finished fourth while Todd Town and Brad Jameson were fifth.  Complete results are on the tournament page now.

Ute lake last weekend was not favorable for pre-fish which might have helped with the pressure on them as they were moving up for sure.  The small turnout was probably also helpful as a lot of quality bags were weighed in.  Ron Pigg and Danny Mitchell had 13.55 pounds on Saturday following a brezzy to windy cold day and Chris Pierce and his son had Big Bass at 5.56 pounds.  Sunday was a much nicer day although it started out quite cold.  Steve Schneider and Leon Pulliam thought it was a Sunday only tournament again as they caught Big Bass at 7.15 pounds and had 16.5 pounds total but alas it was a two day tournament so they fell just short of the top 5.  Darin Ford and Steve Johnson had two consistent days leading them to a first place finish with 24.93 pounds edging out Mike Kelley  and Landon Carter who came in with 14 plus pounds on Sunday. Keeping theirh streak of Top 5's alive in third place was Kevin Smith and Josh Tidenberg while Doug Stewart and Joe Smith also came in with 14 plus pounds on Sunday moving them up to 4th place. Ron Pigg and Danny Mitchell held on to 5th place after their strong start on Saturday.  

AoY standings are updated and Ford/Johnson and Smith/Tidenberg are in a dog fight going into PK next month.  All results are posted on the tournament page and thanks to Angie Colantonio for the help writing down weights.

Lake Amistad - February

What a start to the 2018 season, I forgot the checkbook, the plaques and the scales broke before Sunday's weigh in, but everything came together thanks to Billy Havens loaning Clem his hand held scales.  Water Temperatures were lower than the past few years which made for tougher conditions than past February tournaments but there were a lot of limits weighed in Saturday so fish were starting to move.  Gary Carr and JJ Ducharme put together two strong limits and had Big Bass on Sunday to secure, Big Bass, Ranger Cup and First Place overall - Great Job! Second Place was the Day One leaders of Brandon and Justin Kirkes. Trent Huckaby and Bubba Harolson took 3rd place and had Big Bass on Saturday (both big bass were 8 plus pounders). 4th place went to Todd Town and Brad Jameson while 5th went to Kevin Smith and Josh Tidenberg although Kevin was fishing with Aaron Brewer as both of their partners were unable to fish last weekend.  Kevin had a 7 plus pounder on Saturday and Aaron had probably 20 pounds if they combined weights.  10 bass over 5 were caught on Saturday before Clem quit weighing large fish and 28 limits were brought in. Although I would consider fishing tough it improved greatly once Saturday warmed up.  Grass was the key as usual.  Thanks to all who showed up and I will keep you posted as to the March tourney but it is a One day as of now.  Full results can be found here.

Tournament schedule

I have insurance with locked dates and Clem has secured the permits for Amistad and Jimmy Liles has gone by and talked to the State Parks so we are good for Ute.  This has been a difficult year as NM Parks requires insurance to pull permits and Philadelphia insurance requires dates so the 2018 schedule is as follows:

February 17 and 18 - Lake Amistad 
March 18 - Lake Amistad 
April 14 and 15 - Ute Lake (pending permit approval)
May 5 and 6 - Possum Kingdom
June 9 and 10 - Ute Lake (pending permit approval)

I am staying with Ute twice because Logan Chamber and the Lodger's Tax Board are the best local sponsors outside of Smith RV and Marine we have, and the community is so supportive I would be wrong to not take advantage of 2 tournaments there. The third tournament will be in Texas as Navajo has been great but the teams up there do not need to fish us as they have a great local circuit and it is the longest haul for the most teams. With NM Federation putting a Team Circuit in play our best bet is to keep in Texas for 3 of 5 and concentrate on the east side of the State thus supporting Ranger and Kevin Smith as best as possible.


Championship - September

Entry Forms and Rules are now posted on the Membership Page for Possum Kingdom. Please contact Doug Stewart if you are in doubt as to your eligibility.

Ute Lake - July

The "Good News" about a one day tournament when you are used to fishing two days is that when it is 100 degrees and fishing gets tough you don't have to suffer through another hot day. That being said plenty of teams did find a limit of fish including Gabriel Rivera and Johnny Johnson (MIA while at another tournament at Navajo) who took first place with 11.72 pounds and Big Bass with a 4.18 pound Largemouth. Second place honors went to Mike Kelley and Landon Carter with 10.54 pounds, third place with 10.18 pounds was Greg Gizzi and Lamont Gizzi, fourth place with 9.05 pounds was Kris Bosley and Justin Morris and rounding out the Top 5 was a tie with Randy and Melody Dixon (MIA so Randy had to fish with Tyler Wilson) and Rod Hasselof and Randy Massuci (also MIA but not sure where). Catching a limit was tough as the deep bite seemed to be real tough and the shallower bite was fishing pretty small as competitors were sharing less water. Our next tournament will be Championship at Possum Kingdom Lake in September.

Ute Lake - June

The first Ute Tournament is complete and the results were very competitive for a mostly post spawn tournament. The full moon and strong winds made it a lot tougher than many who had pre-fished the lake the prior weekends had seen. Congrats to Brad Jameson and Todd Town on their wire to wire win. Their 15 pound sack on Saturday kept them safely ahead by the time the wind blown weights came in on Sunday as they totaled 26.19 pounds for the two days. Second place was Gabe Rivera and Johnny Johnson with 25.13 pounds and making the trip from Arkansas to meet up with Jimmy Patterson as he and John Newlun took third place with 25.10 pounds. Gabe Rivera had Big Bass honors for the tournament with a 5.25 pound smallmouth on Saturday and Chelsy Jorde had Big Bass on Sunday with a 3.86 pound bass. Fourth place went to Mark and Travis Gill and the Top 5 was rounded out by Butch and Angie Colantonio with 23.05 pounds. The wind definitely hurt some teams but Buddy and Chelsy Jorde and Tabitha and Kenneth Leinberger had really strong sacks on Sunday. A special thanks to Angie Colantonio for helping write down weights and confirming the calls as the wind made it nearly impossible for the scales to lock. See you all in 5 weeks. As always full results can be found at I will get AOY and Ranger Cup AOY standings updated shortly.

Amistad March

What a finish in the second tournament as 4 teams ended up within 3.5 pounds of each other.  The weather could not have cooperated better after some heavy winds throughout the week and summertime temperatures in March are never something to complain about. Although the weights weren't as big as last month the overall catching was still great. Congrats to Jeff Jorde and Sheri June Jorde on their first place finish with 39.11 pounds, Joe Smith and Doug Stewart finished second with 36.74 pounds edging out Gary Carr and J.J. Ducharme at 36.14 pounds in third who also took Big Bass honors for the weekend with an 8.39 pound largemouth on Saturday. Last months winners Brendan Kennell and Zach Bibb took fourth with 35.49 pounds and Rod Hasselhof and Randy Massuci rounded out the Top 5 at 33.2 pounds. Big Bass Sunday went to Ron Pigg and Danny Mitchell with a 6.85 pound largemouth and Ranger Cup went to Joe Smith and Doug Stewart. Thanks again to Tim Ludwig on his help with the fish and Clem Elam and Rachel Hood Elam for running a smooth tournament. Full results are on the tournament page and thanks to all the teams that showed up again.  See you all back in New Mexico for the next three tournaments.

Amistad February

What a start to the 2017 season!  When Gary Carr and JJ Ducharme brought in 28 pounds on Saturday I thought that would be the big sack for the weekend and then Brendan Kennell and Zach Bibb brought in over 30 on Sunday and I knew Amistad was coming back from where it was 4 years ago.  That being said, Brendan and Zach put on a show this weekend as they brought in almost 54 pounds for 2 days leaving even Gary and JJ behind, who finished in a very respectable second place with over 45 pounds.  If it is any consolation at least they did win Ranger Cup.  Gary and JJ had Big Bass with a 7.78 on Saturday while Brendan and Zach had it on Sunday with a 7.92 so both were into some good fish.  A lot of fish over 5 pounds were caught this weekend and there were 36 limits weighed in on Saturday alone.  Thanks to Clem and Rachel and a special thanks to Arnold Lovato and Tim Ludwig on helping get the fish down the tube and Tim for saving several of the big ones.  The Top 5 were rounded out by Jim and Gail Criswell in 3rd with 40.77 pounds, Mark and Travis Gill in 4th with 40.27 pounds and Brad Hauf and Robert Peixotto in 5th with 39.94 pounds.  Full results are posted on the Tournament Page and thanks again to everyone for showing up in February, it may seem like and early start but with weather like this weekend we could fish all February with no complaints (hope I didn't jinx the March tournament). 


2017 looks like a go even though we are still waiting on the contract from Ranger but I am confident enough to put out the schedule so everyone can start planning vacation time.  We will definitely be changing up the qualifying process because of travel and competing schedules allowing teams who can only compete in two events to be able to pay for an additional two and qualify to Championship.  These fees will go to Championship and be required to be paid by the June Tournament at Ute so that the commitment is there before we announce the lake.  We will also not have a Super Team division this year so that teams won't feel pressured to fish long travel tournaments.  This will hopefully set us up for 3 divisions starting in 2018 using the same qualifying criteria but going with one day tournaments for qualifying.  The Membership forms and Entry forms as well as the new Rules are on the Membership page and the dates are set as follows as Clem has already secured the permits for Amistad NRA and the Queens has been set.  I will get the permits for the Ute Tournaments once I talk to Logan Chamber about continued sponsorship. 

First tournament - Lake Amistad - February 18th and 19th
Second tournament - Lake Amistad - March 25th and 26th
Third tournament - Navajo Lake/30th Queens Memorial
May 20th and 21st
Fourth tournament - Ute Lake - June 10th and 11th
Fifth tournament - Ute Lake - July 22nd and 23rd
Championship - TBA - Sept 24th thru 29th



Championship Falcon Lake

Championship is over and it was much more competitive than some may have thought.  It was also much tougher than Falcon should have fished but after 5 inches of rain on Monday and a north wind for a couple days a lot changed.  After Labor Day weekend before the cutoff I thought it would take 60 plus pounds to win but in reality is was not even close to that but the lake did come up almost 3 inches while we were there as the most logical reason for the difficult fishing.  The Top 3 teams were separated by just over a pound and there were 3 different leaders over the three days.  After all was said and done Tom and Bubba Haralson came in with 50.60 pounds, just enough to edge out Brad Jameson and Todd Town Day Two leaders who took second with 49.33 pounds while Kris Bosley and Justin Morris took third with 49.18 pounds. Trent Huckaby and Scott Deerfield took fourth with 46.48 pounds and Day One leaders Kevin Smith and Karlton Reed took fifth with 43.16 pounds.  The Top 10 rounded off with Jeff Robinson and JT Hodges in sixth, Gary Carr and JJ Ducharme in seventh, Jeff and Sheri Jorde in eighth, Steve Schneider and Leon Pullium in ninth and Doug Stewart and Joe Smith in tenth.  Big Bass for Day One was Kevin Smith with an 8.75 Largemouth, Day Two was JT Hodges and Jeff Robinson with a 7.64 and Day 3 was Chelsey and Buddy Jorde with a 7.48.  Complete results including day by day leaders can be found on the Tournament Page.  A great time was had by all and special thanks to Ranger Boats for their continued support. 

Ute July

Tom and Bubba Haralson drove a long ways from Del Rio and Zapata to fish Ute and showed us that a good ole Jig can still be used in the day of drop shots and finesse fishing. They took first place by a narrow .1 pounds with 21.68 pounds over Harry Dalton and Billy Havens who probably did do some drop shotting when they caught a 5.37 pound Smallmouth on Sunday giving them Big Bass and Second place with 21.58 pounds total.  Billy and Harry drove in from Farmington about a 6 hour trip and Third place finishers Leroy Bostick and Dale Parrish drove up from Carlsbad and put back to back 9 pound sacks together for their overall weight of 18.66 pounds.  So in review, the Top 3 teams drove a long ways to show us how to fish Ute and may want to come back for the Smith RV and Marine tournament in August.  Fourth place through 7th place were all in the 17 pound range with Justin Orr and Brandon Holley in Fourth, Fifth place going to Gabe Rivera and Johnny Johnson Sixth place to Butch and Angie Colantonio and Seventh place to John Newlun and Jimmy Patterson.  It was a very competitive year with 5 different winners in both the Tournaments and Ranger Cup and meaning a very competitive Super Team run for the Anglers of the Year in Todd Town and Bradley Jameson, congrats to them on a consistent run this year.  Results are posted on the Tournament page and I have updated the Super Team Standings and Final AoY.

Ute June

Fishing seemed better than showed by many teams, but overall it was still a pound better through the Top 20 over last year and way up through 30th place.  The weather cooperated overall last weekend other than a pretty good thunder storm Saturday morning that did soak a few teams. That being said the ability to put back to back limits was the key to making the top 10 unless you had a big bass.  Congrats to Butch and Angie Colantonio who edged out Jeff and Sheri Jorde for First place by .14 pounds with 20.69 pounds.  JT Hodges and Jeff Robinson took third place with 19.38 pounds, Rod Hasselhof and Randy Masucci took fourth and Justin Orr and Brannon Holley round out the top five both in the 18 pound range.  Several Big Bass came in on Sunday with a monster Smallie by Alan Bauder at 5.04 pounds.  I hope to post some pics as they have been floating around as Ben at Rough Neck Tackle took many and sent them to Bill Dunn for the NM Weekly fishing report.  Complete standings can be found on the Tournament Page and I will update Super Team and Ranger Cup overall standings later this week as I am traveling again.


Super Team AoY and Ranger Cup YTD standings are now posted on the Tournament Page.  Although it didn't quite go like some of us wanted, what a great turnout and some good fishing by many for the tournament last weekend.  The weather cooperated quite well until Sunday around noon and then it took a dramatic change with hail, wind and rain but that only hurt those who were bed fishing as some really good fish had moved up.  I can't say it was the weather as they were really weird in that they weren't interested in guarding the beds quite yet but I know many teams saw Largemouth in the 5 to 7 pound class in shallow water waiting to spawn.  And many of us wasted way too much time trying to get them to bite.  Congrats to Kris Bosley and Justin Morris on their first place finish as they ran away with it beating second place by 7 pounds.  Todd Town and Bradley Jameson took second with a great stringer on Sunday totaling 22.25 pounds and Sam Walker and Danny Nelson rounded out the Top 3 with 21.62 pounds.  Fourth place went to John Newlun and Jimmy Patterson, Fifth place to Leon Pulliam and Steve Schneider, Sixth place to Clayton Herrera and EJ King and Seventh went to Charlie and Melanie Estep.  Big Bass for the weekend went to Kris and Justin as well as Ranger Cup as they weighed in a 6.74 pound Largemouth on Sunday.  Results are posted on the Tournament page or for just the tournament standings click here and I will update the Super Team and Ranger Cup overall standings and get them posted also.  My apologies for being a little late but work gets in the way sometimes.  

Amistad and the Southern Swing

Two down, three to go and we head north to Navajo Lake in May but April at Amistad was the place to be last weekend as the teams braved unusually cold morning temperatures but less than normal winds for two days of fishing.  Congrats to Brendan Kennell and Tyler Wilson on their First place finish with over 34 pounds beating Darin Ford and Steve Johnson with their 33 plus pounds for Second place.  Third place went to Steve Schneider and Leon Pulliam with 30.57 pounds, Fourth place went to Rafael Menchaca and Roland Hernandez with 30.36 pounds and the Top 5 was rounded out by Rod Hasselhof and Randy Massucci with 29.67 pounds.  In Sixth place was Jim and Gail Criswell with 29.59 pounds but good enough to take Ranger Cup honors edging out another Ranger boat with Bubba and Tom Haralson with 29.48 pounds weighing in just 4 fish on Sunday.  Big Bass honors went to Butch and Angie Colantonio with a 7.54 pound Largemouth.  Complete standings can be found on the Tournament Page including Ranger Cup and Super Team standings for the April Tournament.

The first tournament is in the books and congrats to Keith and Allison Counts on their runaway win.  They outpaced everyone as they led wire to wire with 19 pound sacks both days totalling 38.78 pounds and did not have Big Bass. Keith and Allison also took home Ranger Cup honors fishing out of their Z521.  Second thru 7th were really tight showing how good the fishing was despite being almost 9 pounds behind the Counts.  Second place went to Rafael Menchaca who was fishing with his partner from last weekends Bass Champs tournament Roland Hernandez weighing in 30.75 pounds who both pulled a nice check last weekend too.   Yes Rafael did fish with Bill McCoun the last couple years but Bill was fishing the Texas Federation tournament.  Third place went to a familiar name with Terry Scarafiotti fishing with Memo Nunez weighing in 29.69 pounds.  Bubba Harralson was fishing with his son Tom this year and finished fourth with 29.52 pounds and the Top 5 was rounded out with Todd Town and Bradley Jameson with 29.26 pounds.  Sixth place went to JT Hodges and Jeff Robinson, Seventh to Johnny Johnson and Gabe Rivera and Eighth to Mike Kelly and Landon Carter all in the 28 pound range.  Big Bass at 7.65 pounds and Ninth place went to Jim and Gail Criswell and Tenth place was Brendan Kennell and Tyler Wilson.  Jeff and Sheri Jorde also had a 7.46 pound largemouth on Sunday and lots of 6 pounders were weighed in.  As good as the fishing was some teams did struggle and I know both Rain Gods and Burro were very crowded.  A great showing for the first tournament and some familiar names returned to compete this past weekend thank you to all the teams for making the trip.  Thanks as always to Ranger Boats and Ranger Trail Trailers and see you all back at Amistad in 5 weeks.  Standings for Overall, Super Team and Ranger Cup can be found on the Tournament page. 

The Ramada is offering a discount for Sun Country so please be sure to mention it when you check in, the Contestants meeting will be at the Ramada in the SunBlossom rooms next to the restaurant as the Texas Federation will be in the Conference Center.  Meeting will start at 7pm but be there early if you have emailed me or called me to let me know you are coming but haven't paid.  

The new Membership, Entry and Rules forms are up on the Membership page.  I have signed the Ranger contract and am sending it back but no news from Humminbird/MinnKota at this point.  The schedule is what it is and I know moving the second Amistad is bad for the NM anglers traveling to Mead for Divisionals but we are on top of a Texas Fed tournament the first Amistad also.  I hesitated on putting out the schedule as I always have a conflict but the schedule at this point is what it is as many have scheduled vacation around these dates.  I put out some teasers late last year and I did finally get a couple messages that our second tournament was scheduled on Easter Weekend so I moved it but that was the only change!!!!!  A Preacher or someone preaching to me told me that Jesus was a fisherman and we could probably fish that weekend but giving into spousal pressure I deferred to the next weekend. With that said the schedule is as follows:  February 27th and 28th at Amistad, April 2nd and 3rd back at Amistad, May 14th and 15th Navajo (in conjunction with the Queens Memorial), June 11th and 12th at Ute and July 9th and 10th back at Ute.  This is a great schedule for as well as all the lakes are fishing and I know Conchas is fishing "Awesome" but they have no facilities and Elephant Butte is still "Work in Progress" but Earl Conway is getting it back we just have to be patient.  Additionally Logan Chamber of Commerce is a great sponsor and covers Championship Meals with their contribution.  Championship is TBD as far as the lake goes but September 25th thru the 30th is the date for sure and I am already in contact with the Zapata Chamber of Commerce.  Vacations have been set and the only hiccup will be the second tournament date for a few that I gave in on Easter versus the original dates I posted on FB back in early December.  Thanks to all for your support over the years and we look forward to this year and seeing everyone again.



Send me your pictures and I will be sure to post them for all to see.